The Greendale Public Library Foundation is hosting a free event this Friday evening.  An antiques expert will be providing informal appraisals on items and discussing them in front of an audience.  It does not  cost anything to be in the audience – but it does cost $15.00 per item if you would like an informal appraisal.  This would be a great first step for those of you who have collectibles.  Getting enthusiastic about some of the great stuff that you have inherited or collected may motivate you to make sure that it is insured.

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy with ‘replacement cost coverage’ will replace household items that have been lost for a reason covered by the policy.  There are limits, however, on certain valuable possessions and on any cash or coin kept in the home.  I have found that most people prefer not to disclose their valuable items to their insurance agent, thinking that the fewer people who know about it, the better.  While this is understandable, the total uninsured loss, should something occur, might shock them.

For the most part, art, antiques and collectible items need additional coverage.  This additional coverage may be in the form of a ‘rider’ added on to your homeowner’s insurance policy or, if the value is substantial, it may require stand-alone coverage.  The first step is to check with your agent and make sure that you understand your policy’s limits for each of the following:  Cash, Jewelry, Art, Antique Furniture, Other Antiques, Sports Memorabilia, Toy Collections, Coins, Stamps, Guns and other collectibles.

In the meantime, consider bringing an item or two to the Greendale Public Library this Friday.  I will be there, just for fun!  You can call the library directly for more information:  (414) 423-2136.

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