Financial Life Planning

Let’s look at the whole picture together.

I offer Holistic Financial Planning and Financial Coaching on an hourly fee basis.  My usual rate is $200/hour. A sliding scale is available for women in need. 

Personalized financial strategies, education and step-by-step assistance:

    • Divorce: understanding what you have and what you need to do
    • Widowhood: guidance and support during your difficult journey to a new life
    • Retirement: making sure you have enough money to last as long as you live
    • Spousal Protection: doing what you can to make it easier on your spouse if you die first
    • Late Life Planning: protecting your assets and your freedom
    • Estate Planning: protecting your heirs and getting things done ahead of time
    • Investing: selecting investments that are appropriate for your needs
    • Taxes: learning ways to minimize taxes especially in regards to your investments
    • Completely lost: understanding your financial situation and needs
    • Coaching: helping you keep on task and get things done

At times of emotional and financial distress, it is easy to become overwhelmed and “frozen”.  This makes it vitally important that you prepare ahead of time for expected (and unexpected) life events.  If you are in the midst of transition already, have no fear.  With some financial education, unbiased advice and a plan, you will be able to make wise decisions and gain confidence about your future.  You can get a good start on this process without committing to anything long-term – and without the fear of being sold anything.  Simply call 414.529.5599 and schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

    • Throughout our collaboration, you are in control of the process.
    • I will give you an unbiased appraisal of your current situation along with a list of the potential pitfalls and opportunities.
    • I will educate you on each of your options.
    • You will determine the depth and breadth of our planning.
Financial Planning Engagement Letter
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